Our Legacy Partners

Our Legacy Partners

You’re part of our loving community of Christ. That’s why you’ll be inspired to know that there are lots of people like you who follow God’s Word by serving the poor. Meet some of them now and see why they gave their legacy gifts.

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“Lavishly they give to the poor; their prosperity shall endure forever…”
(Psalm 112:9a)

Kay Bullock

“God has blessed my husband with improved health. Three times God has given him life when he was seriously ill and most of our friends felt that he would not recover. God has saved me from cancer. God has blessed us financially so we can give to others. We hope that the material gifts that we give to missions not only helps the receivers materially but that they receive the love of our Lord Jesus. This love is with us always.”

Eleanor Kock

“When I was a small child I lived with my family in a refugee camp in Austria because of the war. I remember receiving packages from relatives in the USA. I recall being very excited when these packages arrived because it meant having more food to eat and new clothing to wear. My family and I immigrated to the USA to begin a new life and became quite successful. But I will always remember the time in the camp when food and clothing weren’t plentiful.”

Dwayne and Amie Kalafut

“We are not rich but GOD has certainly blessed us. We chose Food For The Poor’s Angels Of Hope program as our path to help. Our sponsored child Jessica lives in El Salvador in a safe and caring children’s home, and we consider her part our family. As a member of our family, we intend to keep in contact after she leaves your program, fund her university experience, and help and pray for her through her journey. We have no illusion of “changing the world,” but maybe we can change Jessica’s world. Angels Of Hope is absolutely doing GOD’s work, and we are thankful you connected Jessica with us.”

Robert L. Brown

“My uncle was a Methodist minister and every Easter, we would have the family reunion at his parish house. When I was 12, a group of us cousins were playing in the church, when a young man of about 30 walked in, sat down in a pew and started to pray. My other cousins just ignored him but I could not. I asked him if he wanted to see the pastor and he said yes. My uncle came out and talked to him and asked me to ask my aunt to make a plate of food for him from our Easter dinner. I brought the plate out to him and while he was eating I left him with my uncle. It really hit me hard. From that point on I did not want to see anyone go hungry or homeless and I have supported charities that help with both.”


Jim and Marilyn Blaufuss, Food For The Poor donors since 2012.

Jim and Marilyn Blaufuss

“In America, there are many ways we can escape being poor. The people of the countries your charity serves have little chance of improving their situation without outside help. I was raised in a house that did not have running water and it had an outside privy. That’s part of why I started to give towards Food For The Poor’s houses… We are very thankful to God… for the ability to help in God’s work. It seems that ever since we began giving to Food For The Poor, our lives have been blessed even more than we could ever imagine.”