Why We Need Your Help

Why We Need Your Help

While so many of us are blessed with abundance, the world’s poor are suffering. But you can change their lives. Motivated by your faith in God and compassion for others, you can share His boundless love with the poorest of the poor in the Caribbean and Latin America.

As part of our ministry, your compassion accomplishes miracles like these:

  • Hunger turns into nutrition, with nourishing food for starving families, especially children and the aged.
  • Poverty turns into hope, with shipments of goods and micro-enterprise projects that create economic and sustainable solutions.
  • Rickety shacks and huts turn into stable housing that’s safe and secure for struggling families.
  • Unsafe drinking water that causes disease turns into clean, fresh water from water wells, purification systems, sanitation facilities and more.
  • The pain of orphaned or abandoned children turns into love and encouragement from caring sponsors.
  • Disease and sickness turn into better health from medicine, medical supplies and compassionate medical care.

One of our compassionate supporters, Lois, says it best: “I love God. He loves me. I look for Him in the poor, the lonely, the unloved…. He is always there.” With a gift in your will, trust, or another way of giving, your compassion for the poor will go on for generations to come, transforming not only the lives of individuals but of entire villages. Sharing in God’s love becomes a part of your life and brings you closer to Him. Your feedback is important to us. Please take our brief survey.

Make Your Lasting Impact